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5 Piece Stainless Steel Ring Mold Pancake & Egg Rings for Griddle

5 Piece Stainless Steel Ring Mold Pancake & Egg Rings for Griddle

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Pancake & Egg Ring Molds for Cooking - 5 Piece Stainless Steel Ring Mold Pancake & Egg Rings for Griddle - Heart, Flower, Star, Round Ring Set Mickey Mouse Kitchen Accessories Breakfast Kit Pancake & Egg Molds Heart Mothers Day gift

  • High Quality Material: The egg circles for cooking molds are made of food-grade high stainless steel, which is odorless and non stick. The stainless steel pan ring maker are high-temperature resistance, non-rusting, and non-deformable. The egg bite mold is vital accessory in your kitchen.
  • Easy to Clean: The egg cooker ring molds can be washed by hand with little soap and water. You can just pop mickey mouse egg mold into the dishwasher for an easier and quicker way. 
  • Simple to Use: Just pour oil into the egg cooking ring mold, and place it on the frying pan and break the eggs to cooking. The handles of heart shape mold do not become hot while cooking to make using them a breeze. So, with the nonstick stainless steel egg rings mold it is easy to use.
  • Five Different Shapes: The stainless steel set of egg molds are of 5 different shapes in a set. The egg ring stainless steel mold gives you the opportunity to prepare breakfast everyday in a new form, round, heart, flower, five-pointed star, and Mickey mouse.
  • Wide Application of Kitchen Gadgets: The egg rings for frying eggs can be used to pancakes, eggs, omelets, crumpets, pancakes and fritters. The stainless steel pan set can be used to cut the pizza and bread. These egg frying pan molds to make other delicious food, such as dessert, pastry, chapati, jelly.

Egg Rings for Egg Mcmuffins Fun Breakfast Molds with Egg Separator Shape Model and Mold:

The pancake griddle egg mold for kids is made of food grade stainless steel, which is durable and not easy to break. It's odorless and non stick kitchen breakfast round shape mold. The heart shape flowers egg cutter mold is also nonstick so you can use it on a pan to make perfect egg shapes and pancakes safer for cooking. The heart shape pancakes molds are with compact and solid construction more durable than others.


Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silvery

Shape: Round, Flower, Heart, Mickey Mouse, Star Shaped Molds

Package Included:

5 x Egg Ring Shapes

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