Just popping in to let you guys know how much we love the pancake mix!  I was never a big pancake fan until I tried SweetStacks and now it is the only pancake I will eat!  Thanks again for a great product and great customer service.  ~ Jeanne B., Camarillo, CA

We love your pancakes!  Since stumbling on SweetStacks at our local Seaside Market some months back, they are now the only pancakes our kids will allow on their breakfast plates! They are delicious!!!! Thank you for sharing your family recipe with us through your delicious products!  ~ Shanna J., Encinitas, CA

My son is allergic to wheat and your pancakes are amazing.  ~ Maria, San Diego, CA

BEST PANCAKES EVER THANK YOU!!!!!  ~ Austin H., La Verne, CA

Since going Gluten Free I honestly thought I'd never have good pancakes again. I had kind of given up on trying store brands. My co-worker who's also GF brought me a bag of your Gluten Free Pancake Mix & I am absolutely in love with it! I actually make mine with almond milk, so they are also dairy free!! I literally cant live without a bag in my pantry, as I crave them often. I also have made them for family & they have no idea they are gluten free. Thank you for making such a great mix! I also love that I can support a small business and buy the mix directly from SweetStacks.  ~ Priscilla W., Lakewood, CO

The pancake mix is awesome! they are super easy to make and taste so good!!!  The texture is one of the best that I ever had.  I recommend for everyone that want to have some great pancakes and save time, money and a lot of mess in the kitchen! Love it!  ~ Shani, Boston, MA

The Gluten free pancakes are absolutely amazing!  The best ones I have tried, (I have celiac) I made them with coconut milk instead of regular milk, they came out delicious!  My friends are not gluten free and I made them some and they didn’t believe me that it doesn’t have gluten.  The preparation process is super easy- it took me 2-3 minutes to make it.  If you are gluten free or even if you are not- you must try it!  ~ Shoval, San Diego, CA

We started our Independence Day with SweetStacks pancakes. My husband said these were the best pancakes he has ever eaten!  ~ RaChelle H., Utah

Being a gluten free family we have tried several gluten free pancake mixes. My husband and the kids LOVED your mix. I will definitely be ordering it off your website.  ~ Tina F., Downers Grove, IL

Buttery blueberry sweet stacks for Christmas Eve breakfast. Thank you for your amazing mixes.  ~ Eric R., San Diego, CA

We LOVE our SweetStacks and love to gift our friends and teachers with them. Merry Christmas!  ~ S Camille H., Owings, MD

I love these pancakes! Not really a pancake person, but my son saw this on the shelf at the supermarket and asked me to make them, and fell in love.  ~ Elen L.G., Guam

My daughters love eating SweetStacks pancakes. They also love helping me make them. It is a wonderful morning activity that brings us closer together.  ~ Nicole K., West Linn, OR

We love SweetStacks!!! Thank you for making such a yummy pancake mix. When will it be available at Ralphs? :-)  ~ Kari W., Placentia, CA

Looks like I need to order more! :-) thank you for the fast delivery from my first order! Fastest delivery ever!! Happy Holidays! (Originally from Tamuning, Guam).  ~ Brian and Rhonele L., San Diego, CA

I LuuuuUUUUUUUUVVVVVVV your pancakes. Aloha bruhddah.  ~ James M., Chula Vista, CA

Your product makes it so easy to come up with new ways to enjoy SweetStacks.  ~ Alfred L., Millsboro, DE

SweetStacks is the BEST pancake mix ever! No other pancakes can measure up for us now! I also use it to make waffles! : )  ~ Laura M., Hillsborough, NJ

I did a taste comparison with my family - I made one batch of Krusteaz and one batch of SweetStacks. They didn't know which was which and they all picked SweetStacks hands down! We are a SweetStacks family from now on!  ~ Pat H., San Diego, CA

Absolutely melt in your mouth sweetness. We love SweetStacks pancakes and Waffles. Try Belgian Waffles with Strawberries and Whipped Cream! YUM!  ~ Deborah M., Oak Leaf, TX

I've been hooked since my first taste of SweetStacks! There is no other pancake mix that can be compared to their sweet, fluffy, yummy cakes.  ~ Kari R., Placentia, CA

SweetStacks are the best pancakes ever. Would never consider anything else!  ~ Josh F., Port Jefferson, NY

My grandkids think these are the best pancakes ever. I always make extras to freeze so they can enjoy them after our visit is over.  ~ Lois S., Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been very happy with your products and service. I know I can always count on good service with an order and an excellent product to bring to the table.  ~ Patricia A., Sierra Vista, AZ

The best pancakes ever! No taste comparison on the market to my knowledge. I am a chef at a B&B and have used your pancake mix many times. Also makes GREAT Ableskivers. KUDDOS!!  ~ Chef Gwen, Newberg, OR

I got my FREE sample of SweetStacks Pancake Mix and they are the best tasting cakes EVER. The house even smelled heavenly while they cooked. Thank you SweetStacks--you rock!!  ~ Janet N., San Diego, CA

Made Chamorro banana donuts with SweetStacks Pancake Mix...they are the best. Brought back memories when I was a little girl when my mother made them for us from scratch. I can't wait to make more recipes. Thanks for the sweet memories!  ~ Emily A., Chula Vista, CA

I have never been a huge pancake lover, but SweetStacks pancakes have converted me! Our 5-year-old and 18-month-old love them so much that Sweetstacks pancakes have become a weekend tradition in our house. Thank you!  ~ Christy W., Mill Creek, WA

SweetStacks Gourmet Pancakes are far and away the absolute BEST pancakes my family has ever had. We are pancake aficionados and have tried them all.  ~ Jane Y., Franklin Sq, NY

My whole family is addicted to these wonderful pancakes. We love them with mini chocolate chips. Everyone should try them!  ~ Nancy P., Irvine, CA

SweetStacks are the very best pancakes that I've tried. My kids eat them for breakfast and make sure that I make extras so that they can have them for after school snacks. They are truly amazing.  ~ Tina M., Draper, UT

If you love pancakes try SweetStacks Gourmet Pancakes! They are wonderful!  ~ Dianne T., Pahrump, NV

These are really great pancakes because they are light and fluffy and have so much flavor. They are a sweet treat for breakfast and you don't even need to drown them in syrup because they taste so good.  ~ Katrina W., Oklahoma City, OK

Very light, great texture and taste, impossible to duplicate with homemade mixes.  ~ Kent M., East Hampton, NY

Sweet Stacks pancakes are the most wonderful, decadent pancakes I have ever had. They are wonderful by themselves with just a bit of butter or with your favorite fruit or syrup! My whole family loves Sweet Stacks!  ~ Stefanie S., Las Vegas, NV

Your Gourmet Pancakes are so sweet and fluffy. The taste is so much better then any other pancake around. I thought all mixes were the same until I tried SweetStacks Gourmet Pancakes.  ~ Dawn G., Plymouth, IL

These are wonderful pancakes! SweetStacks is a good name for them! We loved these!  ~ Sarah N., Springfield, OR

My cousin was visiting so I decided to use my mix for this special occasion. Could not believe how delicious it was. It was like having dessert.  ~ Dianna S., Coconut Creek, FL

I tried the sample and the pancakes were so delicious...my husband was very impressed!  ~ Cindy E., Pembroke Pines, FL

I've had many friends/relatives try SweetStacks. Everyone who has tried it, asked me how to make such yummy pancakes. I say it's not me it's all in the mix.  ~ Ashish M., San Francisco, CA

I used to avoid serving pancakes, because they never would come out edible but Sweetstacks are great, they are simple and turn out fantastic each time.  ~ Belinda W., Chicago, IL

These really are the best pancakes I've ever had, and they're so easy to make!  ~ Joyce L., Los Angeles, CA

The pancakes were extremely easy to make and had a great texture and naturally sweet taste. Simply delicious!  ~ Michael M., Hollywood, FL

Your Sweetstacks gourmet pancakes are so awesome…our kids & grandkids can’t get enough of them!  ~ Elias S., Killeen, TX

I have served these pancakes to family and friends and they all want to know where they can buy them. This is the best mix I've ever used.  ~ Karen F., Oak Park, IL

Compared to IHOP and Crackel Barrel this is just so much more superior!! Unbelievable!!!… you’re getting fresh gourmet pancakes! Also, they make really good waffles! They’re really, really good with raspberry syrup!  ~ Gertrelle T., Dalton, GA

They are the best tasting pancakes I have ever had, but don't tell my mother!  ~ Tina O., Littleton, CO

I purchased the Sweetstacks pancake mix.. they are wonderful. The flavor is great with or without syrup. They mix together easy and no lumps.  ~ Dorothy W., West Jordan, UT

Sweetstacks are a fantastic way to start a day with family! These great pancakes ensure a smile in every bite!  ~ Jenny D., Glendale, CA

They are best for special occasions with my grandchildren. We eat them at anytime of day we wish and they take delight in how big and yummy they are!  ~ Judy S., La Mesa, CA

Pancakes so good you'll want to serve them for dessert!  ~ A. C., San Jose, CA

Love the Gourmet Pancakes because they have a different twist to regular pancake batter. They are light and fluffy, easy to make and taste delicious!  ~ Angelica S., Chula Vista, CA

Pancakes are more fun and taste better now that I have Sweetstacks. They truly are a gourmet product!!!  ~ Randy M., Seattle, WA

My husband will never eat any other pancakes after tasting SweetStacks. He says they are the best he has ever tasted. (I agree wholeheartedly)!!!  ~ Patricia C., Larkspur, CO

Little ones hard to please? Tired of that endless discussion every morning—‘Please eat’! Well, here's the answer, SWEETSTACKS! The kids love them.  ~ Jill B., Denver, CO

SweetStacks wins hands down on sheer deliciousness!!! You will never want another brand. Why would you? This one has it all!!  ~ Angelica B., Manassas, VA

These are the best pancakes I've ever had! I love them with or without syrup. They are tasty with fruit too.  ~ Leslie G., Highlands Ranch, CO

These are the BEST pancakes I've ever tasted! Really silky. No syrup required. The flavor wafts from the package as soon as you rip it open!!  ~ Benni S., San Diego, CA

These pancakes are so good they’ll make you stay home on Sunday mornings instead of venturing out for brunch! I was blown away!!  ~ Michelle B., Denver, CO

I LOVE the pancakes!! They're very sweet and they fill you up! They are very TASTY!!  ~ Ed Z., El Cajon, CA

I cooked up a batch of the SweetStacks and they were out of this world! These are the WORLD'S FINEST Pancakes!  ~ Jeff M., Chula Vista, CA

I give the pancake mix 5 stars! The pancakes were fluffy and easy to make. They tasted sweet without anything and they were sooo moist!  ~ Kari G., Denver, CO

It seems impossible to put such light, sweet, fluffy flavor into a simple pancake mix! Compared to the generic pancake mix with really no flavor, these pancakes are amazing!! I didn't even need syrup!  ~ Katie W., Camarillo, CA

Light, fluffy, and delicious! After tasting Sweetstacks, I can forgo IHOP, Waffle House and Hotcakes.  ~ Robin R., Denver, CO

Sweetstacks is not only a great way to start your day, it's a VERSATILE product I can use in my kitchen all day long! I have made sweet and savory dishes with the mix. I even used it to make corn dogs! I love this product and can't wait to try out new recipes with it!  ~ Jenny D., Glendale, CA
SweetStacks pancakes are the BEST pancakes my family and I ever tasted! My kids LOVE them! I especially love how they're so fluffy and 'springy'! They are like no other!  ~ Karen P., Encinitas, CA
Thank you for the personal delivery service of your gourmet pancake mix. The SweetStacks were more than a success! We had about 25 people, some who didn’t even like pancakes, and all loved our SweetStacks! Again, thank you for the service and for making the party a huge success!  ~ Gene K., San Diego, CA
I ordered three bags online and made some for my family and they really liked them, but when I made them at the firehouse, I could not make enough. The pancakes are fluffy, sweet, and so easy to make. I need to order more!  ~ Lewis S. Agana, Guam
SweetStacks, this stuff is the BOMB, love it! Look forward to it every year at the Pacific Island Festival.  ~ Greg & Leling, San Diego, CA
We bought all food here on both days. The food was fresh and delicious. It is always good when you can get good authentic food at a festival.  ~ Ana & Anika Q., Corona, CA
Love it! Look forward every year to buying your delicious desserts. Wouldn’t buy anything else! Thanks again!  ~ Pinki A. and Niece Sienna, Temecula, CA
Best damn donuts around!!! Empanadas are to die for!!! Banana lumpias Delicious!!!  ~ Joe Carbullido, Kevin Carbullido, Timothy Gutierrez, Vegas, NV

Great! Want to eat more! Delicious! Loved the Banana Donuts!  ~ Jim and Debbie H., Cardiff, CA

Very good flavor and consistency!  ~ Mike W., Cardiff, CA

Banana Donuts – Yippee!! What a wonderful taste treat! I have a hankering right now!  ~ Goldie W., San Diego, CA

Banana Donuts - Old Stuff but absolutely amazing new taste! Straight from Guam to your table!~  Alex S., San Diego, CA

The banana donuts offered by SweetStacks are so moist and delicious. Whenever they are offered, I rush to get them since they sell out so quickly! I have a hard time saving them for others because I wind up eating them all! If you haven’t tried these, you must at least try one, but you will have to beat me to the rush!  ~ SJ Na, Los Angeles, CA

 Sweetstacks Pancakes are the BEST pancakes in the world. I used to ALWAYS need syrup to eat pancakes, but now, I don’t need any--they're moist and sweet, which defeats the purpose of even needing syrup! I could live off of these pancakes!!!!  ~ Mariana G., Camarillo, CA

Mmmm, SweetStacks pancakes are yummy. No syrup required, because they are that good.  ~ Tonya V., San Diego, CA

The pancakes were DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quite unique!  ~ Ro B., Long Beach, CA

Sweetstacks pancakes brings a whole other meaning to ‘How sweet it is’. These pancakes are worth flying to San Diego just to experience them.  ~ Linda D., Englewood, CO

These pancakes are DA bomb! I like the vanilla taste in them and the puffy pancakes with lemon have a zing to them.  ~ Nicole C., Hillsboro, OR

I make SweetStacks for my family and everyone LOVES it!!!! I make a full batch and everyone just snacks on the leftovers from breakfast all day long!!!!  ~ Jenny B., Coronado, CA

These pancakes are really good! The puffy pancakes with the banana cream are my favorite!  ~ Maria B., Manassas, VA

I love these pancakes so much I ask for them every time I go to my grandma’s house! They’re so sweet you don’t need syrup and you’ll want to eat them any time of the day!  ~ Joshua G., Camarillo, CA

SweetStacks are simply put, the best tasting pancake I have ever eaten. Light fluffy delicious hardly even needing syrup. They cook up nice and sweet and golden brown every time. I highly recommend at least trying them you will never want to use another pancake mix again.  ~ Jordan S., Temecula, CA

I absolutely LOVE SweetStacks. They make my life so simple, easy and delicious. Open the package, add a few ingredients and within minutes I have the most delicious pancakes! SweetStacks make a Fabulous gift. My family, friends and business associates beg me for them. I'm stuck on SweetStacks! Thank you!  ~ Lynn P., San Diego, CA