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Family and Food – A Family Tradition in Guam 

‘Delicious Food and Family Go Together’ – A Guam Family Tradition.  The SweetStacks Company has been built on the values, support and love of a close-knit family rich in Pacific island culture and traditions.  We are Chamorros born and raised in GUAM located in the Pacific Ocean GUAM.

SweetStacks uses Guam Family Recipes to make delicious gourmet pancakes and delicious islander desserts.

Growing up on a tropical island fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful and it is common to go into your backyard to pick coconuts, bananas, papayas, mangos, breadfruit, red hot peppers, etc.  All of our meals made by our mother were made from scratch using family recipes and using the fresh ingredients from our backyard.

Living in a small village, Agana Heights, we were a close-knit family and spent a great deal of time together and with relatives.  Our relatives were within walking distance from our home.  My mother, grandmother and aunts LOVED to cook during special occasions, holidays, and our island’s celebrations.  Cooking and eating was the center of every gathering and we always had MORE than enough food!  Everything was homemade.  Nothing was ever store bought.  All dishes were made from family recipes passed down through the generations.

We have a history of excellent cooks in our family.  My great uncle (Jimmy Camacho) was a chef for President Eisenhower in the White House.  Another great uncle (Joseph Camacho) was a chef for the Admirals in the Navy.  My great Aunt (Rosalia Santos) was a chef in a 5 star restaurant.  My other aunts (Pilar Atoigue and Guadalupe Cruz) were cooks in the school systems in the island of Guam.  None of them had any professional or official culinary training.  All were taught by their parents with a passion to cook and it was passed down by choice.  All of these great aunts and uncles have since deceased and are dearly missed.  My mother has continued the passing of recipes to us…without her SweetStacks would not exist.  SweetStacks is a tribute to my mother, my grandmother, great grandmother (picture above) and great aunts and uncles.  All who loved to cook with ‘family’ being the main ingredient to a fresh delicious meal.  I have very fond memories of our families spending time together in GUAM and am grateful that I can use SweetStacks as a tribute to my family, our island culture and traditions.  Cooking and eating together brought our families closer together throughout the generations and it is a very special family tradition that we still cherish today.

Our mission and passion is to provide you with delicious gourmet food products to enjoy and share with your loved ones creating wonderful experiences and life long memories.  SweetStacks Brings Love Back to the Kitchen.


Elaine Babauta

President & Founder


Me and mom 

Our family at the Celebrity Food Show in Anaheim, CA. 3 generations in this photo, passing down the tradition.