Strawberry Glazed Waffles

Strawberry Glazed Waffles


SweetStacks Gourmet Pancake & Waffle Mix

1 ½ cup powdered sugar (sifted)

4 strawberries puréed (add more strawberries for desired consistency and taste)

*Fresh strawberries can be added to the waffle batter.


Make Strawberry Glaze:
Cut strawberries into small pieces and sprinkle a spoonful of sugar then place in the fridge for about 5 min. (this brings out all the natural juices) Purée strawberries until liquid consistency. In a bowl, combine powdered sugar and puréed strawberries. Let glaze set in fridge for at least 10 min.

Make waffles using SweetStacks Gourmet Pancake and Waffle Mix by following instructions on package.

You can either dip or drizzle strawberry glaze over waffles.


Recipe created and photographed by our niece Alexis Y. Chan.

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